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Acolyte Biomedica Limited is a privately-funded UK company developing proprietary diagnostic systems for clinical microbiology.  Acolyte’s technology (‘BacLiteTM’) allows microbial detection and antibiotic sensitivity determination in 2-5 hours instead of days, reducing hospital costs and improving management of infectious disease patients. BacLite technology is unique within infectious disease diagnostics, providing antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) and micro-organism detection direct from clinical specimens.  


BacLite technology was originally developed by the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton Down, a division of The UK Ministry of Defence.  It exploits the bioluminescent detection of Adenylate Kinase (AK) for ultrasensitive antibiotic susceptibility and micro-organism detection.  Acolyte has the exclusive license to BacLite for clinical microbiology and benefits from an ongoing collaboration with Dstl, which is also a shareholder in Acolyte.


The market that can be addressed by BacLite technology exceeds $1 billion.  BacLite offers:

  • A flexible, customizable panel of antibiotic sensitivity/resistance tests that may be used with any ID technology (probes, immunoextraction, specific lysis or culture). 
  • Integrated ID/AST products including ‘superbugs’ (e.g., MRSA)
  • Results in 2-5 hours directly from clinical specimens including blood cultures and swabs.



Acolyte’s first product, BacLite MRSA, is a 5-hour screening test direct from a swab, providing a cost effective  same day MRSA result.  BacLite MRSA will be launched in the UK in Q2 2005 and acts as a model assay for further screening tests for resistant organisms.

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